Date: 12/29/20 3:53 pm
From: Jeffrey Short <bashman...>
Subject: Re: Winter Bird Nest Assessment
Eastern Bluebirds courting/mating yesterday at 0930 around the box emplaced
last year.

Guess it's time to switch the holes back (bottom to top) for nesting on the
other boxes.

Jeff Short

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Subject: Winter Bird Nest Assessment

Winter Bird Nest Assessment, Jerry Wayne Davis, December 26, 2020

Winter is a good time to make a bird nest assessment. Habitat consists of
food, water, cover, and space. With the leaves gone from the hardwood trees
and shrubs, bird nests built in the breeding season are more obvious and
easier to see. A survey is best done before winter ice and snow destroys
nests that are there. Some nests are more resistant to damage than others. A
nest survey will let you know if your yard is complete habitat used by
nesting birds and resident birds or just a temporary place to visit. Some
yards only attract birds to bird feeders and birds have to nest somewhere
else. They may not nest in your yard or on your land because you have
inadequate nesting cover, food, and space during the breeding season. Nest
predators like feral and free roaming cats, raccoons, and snakes my also
discourage nesting. In your assessment you will find out where your yard
stands as adequate or inadequate bird habitat. If you do not have adequate
cover, and native plants for seeds, fruits, and native insects, this is the
time to determine that, and eliminate the weak links by filling in the gaps
and eliminated adverse habitat factors.

Jerry Wayne Davis

Hot Springs, AR


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