Date: 12/28/20 8:08 pm
From: Brian Johnson <buntingrobinjay...>
Subject: [cobirds] Goose vs Eagle, South Platte River, Arapahoe County
Today walking along my patch, the South Platte River from Bowls Ave to the
Northern Wildlife area near Reyonold's Landing I got to watch some serious
drama unfold. It happened right across from the Denver Seminary, upstream
from Hudson Gardens. I was walking back home after a rather good day when I
saw a Bald Eagle come flying fast upstream. The eagle was flying no more
then probably ten feet above the river. Every duck and goose in the river
took flight.
Except one rather brave Canada Goose.
The goose raised it's wings, puffed up and stood erect in an effort to look
bigger as the eagle closed. The eagle made a dive for the goose and the
goose then jumped at the eagle snapping with it's bill. The eagle pulled up
and away from the goose and continued on it's hunt. The goose went about
it's life on the river. Survival of the toughest and bravest in this case.
It all happened to fast for me to get photos. Probably in 30 seconds.
In addition to this excitement I saw a Northern Shrike near the Wild Life
area, my first patch recorded. I also saw female Prairie Falcon perched on
a telephone pole (my second record here), in the same area as the goose
battle but earlier. There is a Say's Phoebe wintering at Reynold's Landing,
there was also on there for the 2018-19 winter.
Good and exiting birding,
Brian Johnson
Englewood CO

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