Date: 12/28/20 7:23 pm
From: David Arbour <arbour...>
Subject: Red Slough today
While working at Red Slough today I stopped for a lunch break at the NE
corner of Bittern Lake. While eating my lunch a couple birds flew up in the
trees next to me. I grabbed my binos and was pleasantly surprised to see
the leucistic Yellow-bellied Sapsucker that was first found on our CBC.
This is the third time I have seen it. I then checked out the other bird
and was again surprised to see a Blue-headed Vireo. This is the first one I
have seen in winter away from mature bottomland forest habitat. The habitat
was basically just trees along the creek out in the middle of open
shrub/scrub habitat at least a mile from any woodlands. Hopefully I can
re-find them on my bird survey tomorrow.

David Arbour

De Queen, AR

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