Date: 12/28/20 6:52 pm
From: pumpkinn8 <pumpkinn8...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Burlingame Raptor Trifecta at dusk 12/27/2020
I was very fortunate to witness an amazing trifecta of raptors at dusk
Sunday evening (12/27/2020).

An Osprey continues to roost regularly in the Eucalyptus trees on the
corner of El Camino and Willow Avenue here in Burlingame, so I head outside
to watch for its arrival late each day.

While watching for the Osprey, I heard an AMERICAN KESTREL calling and
looked up to see it fly in and land at the top of the tree in front of me.
It had something under its feet, and continued to pick at it, but I could
not distinguish what it was eating. It flew away about 5min later .

My neighbor (fellow birder) joined me outside, and just at sunset, we heard
the OSPREY calling as it flew in to roost with the TURKEY VULTURES in the

Immediately thereafter, a COOPERS HAWK swooped in low and landed on the top
of the pole in front of us in the intersection. It had a very large prey
in its grasp, and proceeded to eat in front of us. It flew away after a
bit, leaving the prey on the top of the pole.

We were getting ready to call it quits when at 5:40pm, the Osprey suddenly
called out very loudly and started to circle above the Eucalyptus trees a
number of times before settling back into the tree again. Sunset was about
~4:58pm, but the moon was shining very brightly (~98% full) so even at
5:40pm, the Osprey's white torso was visible in the moonlight as it circled

I am concerned about the future of this stand of Eucalyptus trees outside
my home, as they support a very large, long-established roost of TURKEY
VULTURES, and now they serve as a place for the OSPREY to roost at night.
A GREAT HORNED OWL also roosts in the Eucalyptus (it wakes me quite often,
and I regularly find castings on the ground below), and there is also a
WILD HONEYBEE HIVE in one of the trees. The trees are full of YELLOW
RUMPED WARBLERS while they winter here, and PYGMY NUTHATCHES and countless
other bird species fill this stand of trees year-round. A project to
"update" El Camino Real in the City of Burlingame has been proposed, and
would most likely include the removal of a great number of the Eucalyptus
trees. I greatly fear that this specific stand of trees will be removed,
and am struggling to determine what could be done to keep this stand
protected from removal. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me
know. The Online Public Forum has been reopened and extended for Comments
through midnight on January 8, 2021, so time is short.

Joyce Courtney

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