Date: 12/28/20 10:51 am
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Subject: RE: My Bad
In 2012 at the Eastern Shore birding festival David Sibley gave a talk titled: "the psychology of bird identification: how to identify an egret as a shrike".
He confessed that during a guided trip (Cape May I think) he proceeded to describe to the group the details of a shrike they were observing on a grass stalk.... Only to realize it was the head of an egret.
Another well-known guide relayed the story of how he discussed with a group the details of a longspur in a field only to realize it was a clump of dirt......
I never hesitate to relay my uncertainty or mistakes after hearing that...
Nothing is for certain..

(that talk prompted my further research into that topic)

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In my humble opinion, there are only two groups of birders that never make identification mistakes: birders who never make identifications and pathological liars. All the rest of us do our best.

Mike Tove
Cary, NC

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