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Subject: Re: My Bad
Absolutely, we have ALL misidentified birds at some point. Don't be hard on

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 11:13 PM joy Lanier <carolinabirds...> wrote:

> Jeffery, applaud yourself for sharing your bird sightings. Not everyone
> takes the time to do that. Applaud yourself that you may have helped
> someone else find add a Baltimore Oriole to their life list, even if it
> wasn't a Bullock's. Applaud yourself that you discovered your error
> quickly and corrected it. Not everyone admits their mistakes.
> Joyce
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> Greetings all
> Boy did I make a bobo
> Yesterday after a 4 hr drive down to Manteo to find and with in an hour of
> walking up and down Hwy 64 near North End Park I found the Black-Throated
> Gray Warbler thanks to Jeff Lewis who told me were to look and that it most
> likely would be by itself and it was.
> After that is was a 3 hr drive to Morehead City to look for the Bullock’s
> Oriole. Upon arrival within a few minutes I had an Oriole and the another
> which looked like a female Bullock’s and then there was a total of 5 of
> them that I reported on GROUPME Text Alert as Bullock’s but they turned out
> to be Baltimore Orioles.
> That’s what happens when you’re tired from driving and by the time I
> arrived it ways already 1600 hrs and the sunlight was getting poor but my
> biggest mistake was I was using the Sibley app comparing the Bullock’s and
> Baltimore Oriole and I was looking at the Baltimore females and not the
> Bullock’s.
> Lesson learn don’t be a dumb butt and report the wrong species
> With egg on face
> From my iPhone
> Go Birding be Safe
> May God Bless and Keep You
> Jeff Blalock
> 103 Elizabeth Court
> South Boston VA 24592
> 434-470-4352 Cell
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