Date: 12/27/20 4:06 pm
From: David Provencher via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Dovekie etc, a comment and let's move on please
It's time to move on from this discussion, but please understand that this
moderator feels there has been some merit in what has been posted
regarding this event. I also need to do the full disclosure thing here, and
that is to say I was not aware of the Dovekie or the release plans. I have
seen Dovekie in CT but I would not have gone if I hadn't, it's just not the
way I want to bird. That's not meant as a criticism of others, it's just
not how I choose to bird. The ABA guidelines on these things now allow
birders to "count" released species and birders who choose to do so are
welcome to it. However, given my understanding of how this event played out
I do believe a larger part of the CT birding community could have been
given an opportunity to witness this release. I also do not believe the
individuals involved are all "elites" who don't care about other birders,
but I am disappointed in how this went down. Many of the people who
attended this release have volunteered much time and effort over many years
to help other birders in our state, in many different ways. Let's hope if
another such release occurs a better standard will be set in communicating
to the overall community. Of course releasing a bird should not be delayed
by a single moment just so someone can "count" it. The bird's welfare must
always come first, if we do not ensure that then we have lost our way as

Thank you to everyone who posted, but please let's move on.

Dave Provencher
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