Date: 12/27/20 4:08 pm
From: Roy Harvey via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Not Receiving Email From CTBirds
My apologies for my late response on this matter.  I've been exceptionally busy.
At the moment I only have some general advice, no solid solutions.
First, EVERYONE needs to regularly check the SPAM folder, whatever their email provider calls it.  For Yahoo/SNET/SBCGlobal, the folder name is Spam (though on my phone it is called Junk).  We all need to do this because it has become increasingly common for real mail to end up in the Spam folder.
Second, ANY real mail found in the Spam folder needs to be identified to the system as NOT SPAM.  For my via Yahoo, the proper place to do this is in the Yahoo web email client.  There is a Not Spam button in the toolbar above the list of messages, as there is one in the toolbar above an open message.  That Not Spam button is the best chance we have to train the filters to not send the good stuff there.
Third, there was one report to me from someone with an AT&T address, I'm not sure which one.  They were seeing nothing from CTBirds.  They raised the issue with (I believe they said) AT&T, and POOF!, a backlog of messages from the list appeared.  IF THE PERSON WHO RELATED THAT STORY SEES THIS AND RECOGNIZES IT PLEASE CONTACT ME!  This would be VERY hard to diagnose as it is at an individual subscriber level.
Finally, I suspect there might be a contributing factor where we can shoot ourselves in the foot.  I would not trust the filters that our email providers create to only pay attention to what we want them to.  I can not help but wonder if there would be an impact on the filtering process if a user deleted messages from the list unread.  Would the filtering process put in an invisible layer that keeps us from seeing what we erase unread anyway?  That is pure speculation on my part; I never delete any CTBirds messages except by mistake.
But I suspect there is more to the problems than anything I said above can help with.  Some subscribers try a different email address and provider.  Some give up and read the messages on-line.  There are multiple places for that:
The official CTBirds archive:
Sorry about all this.
Roy HarveyCTBirds admin/moderator (though a bit less so these days)Cheshire, CT

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