Date: 12/27/20 12:39 pm
From: Larry Cartwright <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender prowarbler for DMARC)
Subject: [va-bird] Common Goldeneye at Ben Brenman: Rufous at Green Spring
I took a brief break from reviewing Christmas Bird Count data and went to
some nearby parks to get outside a bit.

I found the hen Common Goldeneye initially reported by David Ledwith at Ben
Brenman Park diving and quite active today. I found her on the far side of
the pond (opposite side from restrooms) near the bridge.

I then went to Green Spring where the Rufous Hummingbird put on a good show,
hawking flying insects (yes, there were quite a few around) and hitting the
feeder beside the arbor trellis quite frequently. She perches on the
Trumpet Honeysuckle, mostly favoring the right side of the trellis as you
are looking at the house. Please give her some space. She comes to the
feeders most readily if you stand back from the trellis; the outer part of
the little circle is a good spot. She tends to shy away when you are close
to the trellis or the feeder.

Larry Cartwright

Compiler, Huntley Meadows Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Program

Compiler, Dyke Marsh Breeding Bird Survey

Compiler, District of Columbia Christmas Bird Count

Compiler Audubon Society of Northern Virginia Winter Waterfowl Count

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