Date: 12/27/20 10:42 am
From: John Geenwood <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender jakpak0821 for DMARC)
Subject: [va-bird] Tis the season at Lake Accotink
At least for the Bald Eagles. Their nest appears intact, surviving the various storms. Both eagles were seen perching on the edge of the nest. One eagle flew away and the other entered the nest; is it too early for eggs? When an eagle enters the nest they can’t be seen from the trail unless they raise their head, and then you only see the top. The usual contingent of crows were seen/heard, many were bathing in the shallows near the island; a behavior I’ve never seen with crows but I guess they do?
Good news: the trail on the dam side has been covered with compacted gravel, very smooth. Bad news, the unpaved trail on the marina side has not been upgraded. More bad news, despite the cold weather there were many hikers/bikers/runners, the majority of which were unmasked!

Jack Greenwood
Falls Church

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