Date: 12/25/20 8:29 am
From: Nate Dias (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Update on banded Little Stint from McClellanville CBC
I have had a few rounds of correspondence with the Bird Ringing Centre at
the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. After some initial
confusion with the centre about the "7" being a "2" (which pointed toward
Temminck's Stint which was wrong for the photos), I have gone through my
photos and worked out more of the band code. The band code is 2KN5147<?> -
the last digit is difficult to make out in the photo, which can be viewed
on my Flickr page.

Nate Swick has been very helpful in this sleuthing exercise and he managed
to get in touch (via Facebook) with the person who ringed the bird.

This is what the bander said:
"This bird was ringed here at Ottenby Bird Observatory on the island of
Öland, SE Sweden. The ring series 2KN514XX has been used between 2017-2020,
and the last ring used was 2KN51475. Hence, there seem to be something
wrong with the reading (perhaps only the last number?). 2KN51479 is still
here on the desk... Among the birds ringed with this series we have 20
Little Stints and 31 Temminck's Stints, and the photo clearly shows that
it's one of the former. If we can manage to trace the correct ring number,
chances are rather good that we can give you photos of the bird (from the
ringing occasion).
What a chistmas present!"

Here is the latest info from the museum:
"This bird is ringed this year - 2020 - and there are only six rings used
yet in the serie - 2KN51470-5. Of those six are the two first ringed on
Little Ringed Plowers - 00-01, one ringed on a Temminck's Stint - 02 - and
the last three ringed on juvenile Little Stints. Of what I can see on the
picture you sent this time it seems most likely to be a - 5 - in the end of
the number or maybe a - 3.
We will take a further look on the photos you sent and return with the
complete recovery-report to you and the ringing station. And please let us
know your thougts in the matter also.
The two most possible candidates are both ringed at Bird Ringing Station
Ottenby on the island Öland (Oeland), eastern Sweden in The Baltic Sea. The
dates are 2020-08-23 and 2020-09-19. Most likely the september one."

This is a very gratifying band recovery, especially since the bird is alive
and healthy.

Nathan Dias - Charleston, SC


"These days I prefer to hunt with a camera. A good photograph demands more
skill from the hunter, better nerves and more patience than the rifle
shot." -- Bror Blixen

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