Date: 12/25/20 7:33 am
From: Eve Meier <eve.m.meier...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Shannon Valley OSP in Los Gatos
Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I birded Shannon Valley OSP. It's one of the several underbirded
Los Gatos City Parks. The parking lot is currently closed so I parked on
Mountain Laurel Ln (37.218213, -121.914419). I walked the Rocky Ridge
Trail and the sidewalk that runs along Hicks Rd to make a loop (under 2
miles, some hills). I had a very nice day - few people but lots of birds
(41 species).

I love the *Wild Turkey* that hang out in the open area on the corner of
Hicks and Shannon Rd and the *California Quail *that were hiding in the
brambles further up the hill. Also, I heard several *Wrentits* and spotted
2 *California Thrashers*. My favorite moment was hearing a quiet rustling
noise that I couldn't quite make out. I checked for running water in the
dry creek, the trees for birds or wind. Nothing. Then I spotted lots of
movement on the bed of fallen oak leaves - it was a huge group of
Sparrows* foraging but not making a single call note. Their color matched
the oak leaves perfectly.

More interesting birds were found along the sidewalk on Hicks Rd (which
runs along Guadalupe Creek at this point) - 1 *Red-breasted Sapsucker* and
1 *White-throated Sparrow* (tan strip) foraging with even more
Golden-crowned Sparrows.

Happy Holidays!
Eve Meier (San Jose)

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