Date: 12/25/20 3:26 am
From: Laura M <magrinha97...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Handfeeding attempt
I know it's generally frowned upon, but as I can't have a bird feeder where
I live (and wouldn't get many good birds if I did) I thought I'd try to
hand-feed a chickadee, which I've heard are sometimes amenable.

I was at Forest Hills Cemetery with a small baggie of seed. I was in an
area behind a construction lot that is more wooded and scrubby than the
manicured cemetery. I saw a couple chickadees and juncos in a tangle
foraging. First I tried standing with my arm outstretched, to no effect.
Then I moved a little closer and crouched beside a tree with the seed in my
outstretched hand. The birds were less than 10 feet away and my arm was
balanced against the tree trunk. I pished softly. After a few moments it
seemed I had the attention of one as it grew still and seemed to be looking
at me and debating it. Then I noticed a small brown form a little behind
the bird and slowly raised my bins - a silent Carolina Wren perched close.
I congratulated myself for being able to crouch, view a bird with my left
hand, and attempt to feed another with my right (while wishing the Carolina
Wren was a Winter Wren). The chickadee then gave a few alarm calls,
"dee-dee-dee-dee!" and moved further back in the tangle.

Anyway, it was a nice bird walk in 54 degree temps in a beautiful,
uncrowded place.

Laura Markley
South Boston

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