Date: 12/24/20 6:14 pm
From: Tom Grey <tgrey...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Sunday outing
After confining my bird photography to my backyard for too much of this
strange year, I went out last Sunday (12/22/2020) and was delighted to get
the desired photos of the light morph FERRUGINOUS HAWK on east Palm Ave.
in Coyote Valley:;

and then of the BRANT, grazing east of the Boat Dock at Shoreline Lake: .


1. At Coyote Valley, the Ferruginous was not in the reported oak tree when
I arrived, and, lacking the required patience, I was about to leave. But
then I noticed that next to that oak was a persimmon tree with several
fruit still hanging -- and some birds moving around. Binocs revealed among
them a cute White-crowned Sparrow and several sparkly starlings.

I can't resist photographing birds eating persimmon and spent a fun half
hour shooting the spectacle. At the end of which the Ferrug arrived!

Here are some pix from the intermission:

2. And at Shoreline, there was also more photo fun to be had than just the
Brant, for example:
and in a flock:

Tom Grey

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