Date: 12/24/20 7:30 am
From: Kevin Gin <kevinagin...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Santa Clara RBA Twitter Bot
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Hi all,

I created a bot that tweets out Rare Bird Alerts for Santa Clara County. It lives here: RareBirdBot_SCL ( ). The bot tweets out a subset of notable observations from eBird.

To cut down on noise, the bot will not tweet out the same species more than 1 time per week. And I've recently added filtering to avoid tweeting out exotics (e.g. Scaly-breasted Munia), known residents (e.g. Rufous-crowned Sparrow) and common birds observed out of season.

Twitter is nice because it allows for push notifications on mobile devices. I've been using the bot for push notifications, then scanning SBB for more details or other observations not submitted to eBird.

I'm not completely set on how strict to be with species filters -- I'm open to suggestions. So far, my guiding question has been "would I want a push notification for this observation?" (The species filter lives here ( ) and is still a work in progress. Anyone interested in contributing more can submit a pull request or contact me directly).

If there's interest, I could expand this project to other counties. But I'd like to get this fully configured for our home county first.

Kevin Gin
San Jose

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