Date: 12/22/20 10:35 am
From: Ann Hepenstal via <annhep...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] results - Agnews sector of San Jose Christmas Bird Count
Agnews Sector includes Ulistac; parts of Guadalupe Creek Trail, San Tomas Creek Trail, Coyote Creek Trail; many many office parks and their parking lots; and miscellaneous neighborhood parks.We used this 2020 "Very Covid Christmas Bird Count" to divide up the Agnews Sector into several territories checked some new parks/potential hot spots that we previously were unable to cover.  Some turned out to be duds but others turned out to be pretty good.   We enjoyed having the 49ers out-of-town, as it makes CBC logistics in this sector MUCH easier!
We found 80 species with 1933 individual birds

In the spirit of the "Levi's Stadium Sector:"American Crow narrowly edged out Mallard, 160 to 156
Wilson's Snipe beat Black Phoebe 57 to 53
Highlights:Carlos Marquez patiently scanned the "Wilson's Snipe zone" on San Tomas Aquino Creek trail, counting and counting and counting birds in groups of 5 to 10.  Check out the SCVAS Self-Guided field trip for this area,
Alex Tey found a White-Throated Sparrow amid the GCSP and WCSP immediately after we stepped out of the car at Agnews campus. !!Alex also spotted a Merlin feasting on a bird way up on top of a power pole by the substation at the Oracle Agnews campus.   
The Oracle Agnews campus is now on my list of places to bird along with the Agnews Historic Park.   Lakewood Park in Sunnyvale shows good potential, as well.
good birding!Ann

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