Date: 12/21/20 7:27 pm
From: John Hurley <jhurley13...>
Subject: Re: [pen-bird] Burleigh Murray SP, Crystal Springs CBC
For fun, I ran them through BirdNet ( <>, Analysis of Audio Recordings). Unknown_CoastalScrub.wav it does indeed think is a Wrentit. For Unknown_Eucalyptus.wav, the results were … inconclusive. Purple Finch is in its list of possibilities. Keep in mind it is just looking at spectrograms without knowing location or anything else, so often the results are out there.

The attached WAV files were made using Audacity and amplified to the recommended -3dB level.


> On Dec 21, 2020, at 1:42 PM, Alvaro Jaramillo <chucao...> wrote:
> Hi
> I am onboard with Brooke on the second, female Wrentit without the bouncing part at the end. The first one sounds like the warbled call of Purple Finch to me. They will do this in winter, but never seem to properly sing in winter.
> Alvaro
> Alvaro Jaramillo
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> Subject: Re: [pen-bird] Burleigh Murray SP, Crystal Springs CBC
> I think the second one is a Wrentit. The first one, maybe a Hutton’s Vireo?
> Brooke Miller
> On Dec 21, 2020, at 12:43 PM, Adam Winer <awiner...> <mailto:<awiner...>> wrote:
> Burleigh Murray was cold and quiet for much of the morning - the sun didn't penetrate the canyon until much later.
> Nearly all the activity for the day was roughly in the vicinity of the house and barn. Highlights there were 1 California Thrasher (maybe 2) by the barn, and 2 Varied Thrushes (one seen, one calling) in the eucalyptus grove just before reaching the residences. Pine Siskins were abundant, as they seem to be everywhere this winter, with a tally of 134 for the day. Just 28 species on the day, with the most bizarre miss being American Robin.
> I did have two vocalizations which I just could not ID on the day, and I've attached (cleaned up and amplified) phone recordings to this email. The first was a warbling call high in the eucalyptus grove below the barns - I'm pondering Purple Finch, but I'm far from certain. The second was calling from coastal scrub well up the creek, and gave four even whistles, sometimes followed by a few rapid notes, and I'm just befuddled. Both feel like "I've heard these before, why can't I remember?!?" vocalizations.
> Thanks,
> Adam Winer
> <Unknown_Eucalyptus.mp4><Unknown_CoastalScrub.mp4>

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