Date: 12/21/20 6:01 pm
From: Matthew Dodder <mdodder...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Palo Alto CBC
I participated in the Palo Alto CBC today and was assigned the Stevens Creek Delta, Salt Pond AB1, Crittenden Marsh, A3E, AB2, and A3W. For context these latter ponds are along the Bay Trail with Moffett Field runway visible through the fence. I surveyed the area on bicycle. I ran into

Most interesting birds:

Eurasian Wigeon (male and female)
Snow Goose — 13 flying toward Coyote Hills
Ross’s Goose — 2 with the flock of Snow Geese
Redhead — 1680 on A3W and a few others on A2E
Snowy Plover — Crittenden Marsh

The bike ride out to the Delta was pleasant and I timed it to arrive as the mud was exposed. Huge numbers of Shorebirds were gathered there. Nothing unusual, but a spectacular number of swirling Western Sandpipers, Dunlin, etc. This in response to an adult PEREGRINE FALCON that was looking for a meal. As I was leaving, I heard some distant Geese and saw a small, tight flock of white birds with black wing tips. I set up my scope again, which I had just secured to the back of my bike, and viewed the birds—finding two among them that were much smaller. SNOW and ROSS’S GEESE.

Crittenden Marsh, although mostly dry had a good number of birds. Among the distant Shorebirds, I picked out 3 SNOWY PLOVERS.

The various ponds were absolutely crowded with Diving Ducks, mostly RUDDY DUCK, both species of SCAUP and REDHEAD. There were CANVASBACK too, but in smaller numbers.

As I headed home, I spotted an immature BALD EAGLE on a power tower.


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