Date: 12/21/20 4:58 pm
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Subject: [AZNMbirds] [EXT]Gila Bend - Paloma Area
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I birded the Gila Bend - Paloma area today. The highlights were two Tundra Swans at Gila Bend Sewage Ponds and impressive concentrations of birds on the Paloma Ranch. They included a flock of over (140) Black Vultures (the largest number I have seen in Arizona), a field with over (150) Mountain Bluebirds (forming a blue wall when they flew up), and two flocks of (30) and (50) Western Bluebirds. In the same area I counted close to 400 Sandhill Cranes. In another nearby field there were (350) Mallard Ducks eighty percent of which were males with a few American Wigeons and a single Northern Pintail mixed in. Nearby there were (40) Greater Yellowlegs and (20) Long-billed Dowitchers.

Other locations visited and birds of interest included:

Gila Bend Power Plant Ponds

Here there were (15) Eared Grebes, a Ferruginous Hawk, and a Prairie Falcon.

Gila Bend Sewage Ponds

Besides the Swans there a good variety of ducks including a male Wood Duck, (4) Gadwalls as well as (1) Lesser Scaup, (1) Ring-necked Duck, (2) Tree Swallows and a Vermilion Flycatcher.

Paloma Ranch Headquarters

Here there were both Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawk, (4) Oregon Juncos, (5) Long-billed Curlews and (6) Cattle Egrets.

River Road Ponds

Here there were (4) Snow Geese and (1) Ross’s Goose.

About (78) species for the day

Lists and photographs will be posted to ebird.

Feliz Navidad

Charles Babbitt

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