Date: 12/20/20 7:54 pm
From: Kurt Gaskill <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender kurtcapt87 for DMARC)
Subject: [va-bird] The Glenkirk Espress

Due to Ben Jesup's recent note looking for help on The Plains CBC I
volunteered to help out. Today I did the "Glenkirk Express" Subsector of
Area 6. This consisted of Glenkirk Rd near Lake Manassas dam and nearby
areas along Vint Hill, Burwell and Owls Nest Roads plus a property on the
Lake; all are in the SE portion of the CBC circle. Since the start of the
current circle about 20 yrs ago, these areas have seen considerable buildup
of ex-urbia housing development.

Highlight were Palm Warblers - three in total - all of the yellow
subspecies. The first was on Rollins Ford Rd and the other two were together
at the "Future Rollins Ford Park" near the dam. Other highlights were
Greater Scaup on the Lake, loosely associating with a group of Pied-billed
Grebes (I saw very few ducks on the Lake). Additionally, there was a DC
Cormorant noted early in the morning but never found again later in the
morning or early afternoon. The most interesting highlight and arguably the
most abundant species of the day was American Pipit. Three flocks were noted
in different locations totaling 233 (80 @ Rollins Ford Rd at 0745, 43 at
Burwell and Fitzwater at 1100 and 110 in wet fields and corn stubble on
Hopkins Lane). In addition, there were 2 Horned Larks at the Future Rollins
Fork Park. A flyover Rusty Blackbird along the private property at the Lake
edge was nice and nearby a Merlin sought out the local sparrows. I also came
across two Red-breasted Nuthatches plus an Eastern Phoebe. The biggest miss
was Yellow-rumped Warbler which was surprising. Also surprising was missing
Purple Finch or Pine Siskin which were present in fine numbers this fall but
seem to be in reduced numbers this CBC season. (I am sure someone got
them!) I finished the day at 62 species in about 6 hrs.

Kurt Gaskill

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