Date: 12/20/20 1:10 pm
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Lawrence Winter Crow Roost Numbers
Thanks to Dana Duxbury-Fox this post.

Barbara Volkle
Northborough, MA


From: Dana Fox <dana.fox1939...>
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2020 09:31:13 -0500
Subject: Lawrence Winter Crow Roost Numbers

Amazingly, last night (December 19) Bob (my husband Bob Fox) and I went to
count the crows in the Lawrence, MA winter roost for the Andover CBC.

First of all, as you know from previous posts, the crows strike a different
pattern for their final staging and roosting each night. We had already
searched for them along Market St. and looked west from So. Canal St. This
is where we had last seen thousands coming in from the NE, west and SW and
finally staging on the roofs of the flat buildings on the south side of
Merrimack St.

We saw a few going over us and heading further east over Merrimack St. so
we turned around and went into the Savatore's restaurant parking area and
went west of that to the river's edge. Some Fish Crows were there on the
open pavement, many crows were gathering in the trees along the south and
then the north side of the river - maybe a couple of thousand when we drove
back to the New Balance Parking Lot. We parked in the New Balance parking
lot on the east side of So. Union St.just south of the Merrimack River
right in the upper most part.

Now he walked out on the *west* side of the So. Union St. "Duck" Bridge
while I stayed in the car parked in the NW corner of the parking lot where
I could see a wide open swatch that the birds would hopefully pass through
as they went up over the bridge going from east to west heading into the
roost which begins to the west of this bridge.

Bob is the "official" counter at this roost but for some reason tonight I
sucked up and started to count.
Suddenly an endless stream (and I mean endless) of crows came from the west
over the river, up over the bridge and they joined the crows we had just
seen mostly on the south side of the river. It was well past sunset - they
were "late" and it was getting dark.

Well, after it got too dark to see any more, I became fascinated as you
can imagine in his totals. Believe it or not - he had 24,200 and I had
24.500. A 300 bird difference. Can you believe it? I also had 1,000 more
along the south side of the river before it got too dark to see any more
moving that he did not see. *So on a night when they follow this pattern,
you can either be on the bridge or in the parking lot and see all of the

Also, numbers have grown since we counted 18,000 a week ago.

During this Covid pandemic, you can safely stay in your car and not even be
exposed to anyone or go out of your car with a mask and see the crows.

Stay safe and come see the amazing show. When you wish to come please email
me at <dana.fox1939...> to get the latest info on where they have been
staging and roosting.

Dana Duxbury- Fox

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