Date: 12/20/20 11:45 am
From: therese haenni <0000000915e91be8-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Daves Big Year
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First of all, thanks Kendall for the kind words, they are much appreciated. I do need to clarify the 325, I believe it is accurate but with an explanation.
The 325 includes a bird I am not counting and one that I have not yet counted. It includes the Brown-headed nuthatch just reintroduced to Missouri this year. I never intended on counting this bird on my list but once reported on ebird it shows up in my total. 
However I photographed a Selasphorus hummingbird in Springfield this year but without having the bird in hand ( banding) it is pretty much impossible to identify it as to species. I have been told by a few birders that according to ABA rules as long as I do not claim another bird  from  the Genus, this bird is countable on a big year list.
Even if this bird ends up not being countable I would be more than happy with being tied with Kendall at 324. I still have 11 days left so hopefully I can get one or 2 more birds and get out of this "gray" area.
Thanks to everyone who has helped me this year, I think I have met and tried to learn from every birder in Missouri this year! I will post a thank you on MOBIRDs after the first of the year. I can tell you right now it will be a VERY long post, Lots of people to thank.
Dave HaenniDes Peres, MO

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