Date: 12/19/20 12:51 pm
From: Dorsey, Kurk <Kurk.Dorsey...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Two unusual Newmarket birds
I checked a couple places in my sector of Lee/Durham's BDBC (Boxing Day Bird Count), with two particular highlights. The feeder at the end of Alyce Road, near the Wiggin Farm/Tuttle Swamp town land had a Fox Sparrow gobbling away underneath (also had siskins and Evening Grosbeaks in the area), and the Elm St Cemetery had at least 25 WW Crossbills. Couldn't find the Sapsucker from last week, but a Cooper's Hawk was perched in the same tree, so either it scared the bird away or was digesting it at that point.

At home we had our first Purple Finch (rooting unsuccessfully for Northwestern) at our feeder in weeks, as well as a Tree Sparrow that defended the platform feeder from smaller birds for several minutes.

Kurk Dorsey

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