Date: 12/18/20 5:27 am
From: Aaron Steed (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Eared Grebe continues Lake Julian
Hi all,

After a no-show yesterday (as far as I know), the Eared Grebe continues
this morning on Lake Julian in Asheville.

Diving more or less in the middle of the lake (in front of the power plant)
as viewed from the park. It really moves around and doesn’t seem to favor
one particular spot so be sure to thoroughly scan if you come looking for

Aaron Steed
Asheville, NC
Aaron Steed
Ventures Birding Tours
Asheville, NC;!!OToaGQ!5No2T7xY1aAQsSF4gXzm-j4_gXNoWMFQn5EoU4_QbT6E31eht7_2FeXaJoUP4XTW24E$

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