Date: 12/17/20 2:38 pm
From: catherine paris <cparis12010...>
Subject: NO sighting: Pandemic birding
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Bored? Frustrated yet? Winter bbrrr!

Here's the good news. Winter rarities love fruit and cones!

Everyone of you is capable of discovering a rare bird. Yup. Even tho you
might not know what it is, you will recognize it as different. It may be at
your feeder, it may be on your neighbors flowering crab fruits or
pyrocantha (firethorn) or even an overgrown thicket full of poison ivy
Walk your neighborhoods and find dependable puddles. Watch for flocks along
roadsides. They gather grit. Use mason's sand (coarse) on pathways to
feeders and always provide shelter. Your Christmas tree is a wonderful
dense protection. Mine falls over and it still works wonderfully.

Older large estates or public areas may have lots of spruce planted years
ago that might have a tremendous cone year. (Be careful in that wealthy
area near St Louis)

I'm quite sure larger cities have enough birders that they've zeroed in on
the best spots. But I assure you there's more.

Wash your windows, string cranberries on waxed dental floss (bring into
garage at night), have a camera handy and take a walk. Its good for spirit,
mind and body.

Catherine Paris

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