Date: 11/21/20 3:56 pm
From: Suan Hsi Yong <suan.yong...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Fwd: Dryden Lake dam removal
Hi all,

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This is a head’s up that the Dryden Conservation Board is considering
removing the dam at Dryden Lake. It’s leaking and needs to be
repaired/replaced. Somebody said they should just take it out and
“free the rivers,” and it’s being considered.

There has been a dam there since the early 1700s, and removing it
would cause major environmental disruption, it seems to me. Pro-dam
people are looking for opinions from the local community that uses the
lake, and I’m sure they would welcome something from the Bird Club
about how important it is to birds and birders.

I don’t have time to say more or talk about this today, but I wanted
to get people aware. The Conservation Board meets next Tuesday. We
could get a letter read or even have someone speak if we wanted to
take a side.



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At this point I have no further information. If anyone thinks this
warrants a coordinated effort, and wants to do the legwork under the
aegis of the Cayuga Bird Club, let me know.



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