Date: 11/21/20 3:50 pm
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Subject: [VTBIRD] a question and a really beautiful sight
First, the beautiful sight. Meredith (Isis) and I were down at Dead Creek, where there didn't appear to be any geese of any kind....even those decoys seemed to be gone. I got out of the car at the barn on Gage Rd. to walk my little pup, and I heard geese, and a lot of them. Then I looked up, and there were somewhere between 750 and a thousand geese flying overhead, but really pretty high up. The way the late afternoon sun hit them, they looks like Christmas lights all across the sky. They weren't flying in any kind of formation, and at one point, almost seemed like a murmuration. We had hoped they were going to drop down to Dead Creek, but they flew on south. It's hard to describe how beautiful the sighting was, because I had never seen anything quite like it, and I have seen some incredible sights of snow geese taking off and flying in Addison. But these guys were higher, and just sparkled like twinkle lights in the sky. I don't believe a picture would have caught the magic, but I didn't have my camera with me anyway. Meredith and I just ooooed and ah...ed to several minutes.
Second, my question. Someone showed interest in the big international check list book that I have. I twice wrote by mistake to the whole group about it. Now, I realize I don't have her email to write her individually. I could swear it used to have our email addresses when we sent something to the list, and now it just says "on behalf of ......". Is this new? And, more importantly, then how do we send a private email to someone on the list without having the email available? Just curious, and Laura, if you read this, how would you like me to get the book to you? (my email is <evergreenerb...>) Evergreen, long from Jericho, now in Essex, and on her way to live in Huntington next week.

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Yes, I would love to gift it to you. Unless you are coming out Jericho way, I think that it might have to wait until I move next Tuesday. And then we can meet in Burlington somewhere. What town do you live in? Well, back to the packing. Evergreen in Jericho

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We’d be interested if some else hasn’t already laid claim

Laura Bonazinga Bouyea, M.S., CCC-SLPVermont Speech Language Pathology, LLCThe University of Vermont The Stern Center for Language & Learning Mansfield Hall

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I hope this is all right to post here, but I was gifted, years ago, a large book called The Birder's Life List and Master Reference...Whiting's Reference of birds. It is for someone who travels a lot and has seen birds all over the world. I have never written in it, as I have a more modest book for my more modest sightings. I would love to give it to someone who might use it, rather than toss it. I will have very limited space in my new home, so I can't take it, or 95% of my junk, with me. Let me know if you want it, and I will figure out how to get it to you. Thanks, Evergreen
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