Date: 11/21/20 2:47 pm
From: James Bradley <jnbradley3...>
Subject: [obol] Great-Tailed Grackle pics
After I sent the first cellphone pic I noticed the bird had left the top of the tree.

So, I went back across the intersection to MickyD’s.
There on the ground in the parking lot was a pile of leftover food someone had just dumped out their window. A couple crows and the grackle were tearing thru it.
They were less than 30 ft. away. The grackle was a little more wary of my camera sticking out the window than the crows were, but did not fly away.

what a great bird!

here’s a size comparison to a crow.

it appears french fries are on the menu today

I’m pretty sure if you don’t see the bird anywhere- you could buy some fires and try to attract some crows- I bet the grackle will be there soon enough.

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