Date: 11/21/20 2:04 pm
From: Pam Hunt <biodiva...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Misc Merrimack: YR Warbler and WW Crossbill
Greetings all,

The Penacook Survey this morning yielded 33 species, well above the average
of 29 and one short of tying the late Nov record of 34 (where were the
Pileateds?!). The highlight was a late Yellow-rumped Warbler along River
Road - tying my latest ever record for the survey from back in 2009. It was
also a good morning for finches, with a surge in Pine Siskins (2 nice flocks
totaling 26 - up from single digits the last two weeks), 14 redpolls, 2 Pine
Grosbeaks, 4 Red Crossbills, and the usual House and Golds. It seems that
Purple Finches have largely cleared out, and the reliable presence of
Evening Grosbeaks 3-5 weeks back is no more. Here's hoping they didn't go
the way of the Purple Finches in this neck of the woods, since it was fun to
have them around. As a point of reference (and YR Warber notwithstanding),
we've officially entered the "winter" phase of the Penacook Survey, when the
average species total hovers in the 26-29 range, and highs are in the low
30s. This will continue into early March, but this year I suspect numbers
will trend on the high side thanks to all the finches.

Speaking of finches, I spent 2+ hours this afternoon hiking up Mt. Kearsage
from the Winslow SP side in Wilmot. The express goal of this trip was to see
if there were any White-winged Crossbills up there, given the preponderance
of this species at elevation in the Monadnock Region. Hikers (and dogs)
outnumbered birds for the most part, but on my way down I heard and saw a
pair of WW Crossbills fly overhead. This is my 199th species for Merrimack
County in 2020, and I have a little under 6 weeks to find at least one more.
Here's hoping a few Bohemian Waxwings make it a little farther south, or
some random waterbird appears on a local pond.

Good birding to all!

Pam Hunt


"The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of those who have not viewed
the world."

- Alexander von Humboldt

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