Date: 11/21/20 12:25 pm
From: Ann Pettigrew <rook185...>
Subject: Re: art schiavo passed
Thanks for letting us know, Chad. Art contacted me several years ago to ask if he could come see the koi pond and stream we had put in and we spent several hours hanging out in the yard. Makes me sad. I didn’t even know he was sick or maybe it was something more sudden. Hopefully, it wasn’t Covid.

Take care.


Ann C. Pettigrew, V.M.D.
York, PA

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

> On Nov 21, 2020, at 2:43 PM, Chad Kauffman <chadkauffman...> wrote:
> hello all
> Our birding flock has lost another one, I just found out that Art Schiavo passed away on 11/16. I don't have any details of what happened or services, etc. I will post them if I find anything out. He was a big crude at times, but our sense of humor lined up and we chased quite a few birds when we both started out working on our lists. We had drifted away the past few years, but I always considered him a friend.
> chad kauffman, mifflintown.
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