Date: 11/21/20 9:32 am
From: Douglas Filler <0000012c09e09177-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Silver Lake in Bucks co
The following were seen on the morning bird walk from the Sliver Lake Nature Center located in Bristol Pa.
Ron Miller led the walk this morning.
Thank you Ron.

American crow 2

American goldfinch 5

American robin 6    

Belted kingfisher 1

Blue jay 1

Canada goose 24

Chickadee 6

Carolina wren 9

Coopers hawk 1

Downey woodpecker 7

European starling 14

Great blue heron 4

House finch 4

House sparrow 2

Mallard 12

Mourning dove 6

Northern cardinal 8

red bellied woodpecker 6

Ring billed gull 15

Song sparrow 6

Tufted titmouse 18  conservative estimate

White throated sparrow 32  very conservative estimate

Winter wren 1  good look going up onto platform

Cormorant 21

White breasted nuthatch 18 again conservative estimate

Possible red tail hawk sitting in tree on other side of creek. Couldn't get a good look to ID positively

Doug Filler
Levittown Pa.

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