Date: 11/21/20 8:12 am
From: Chad Witko <chadjwitko...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Brattleboro Pine Grosbeaks (Continuing)

This morning at 8:45 am, I was able to relocate Paul Miksis' previously
reported Pine Grosbeaks (now totaling five individuals), this time from an
ornamental apple tree in the middle of the Walgreens' parking lot off of
Canal Street. This is immediately adjacent to the Red Clover Commons from
which they were reported yesterday.

After looking in the wrong direction for a few moments (towards Red Clover
Commons), I turned around and saw the large finches with deeply forked
tails with my naked eyes on the *other *side of my car. Unfortunately, the
look was very brief, about 30 seconds, and all five flew southwest, past
the Econo Lodge, and out of sight.

At this time, I decided to drive in the direction in which they flew but
could not relocate them. I figured I'd give them some time, go birding
elsewhere, and come back. Arriving back at Walgreens at 9:30 am, I was able
to find the same five birds already back in the tree. This time, I watched
them for much longer and stayed with them for nearly 25 minutes before
driving 5 mins back home to get my partner to see if she was interested in
giving them a chase.

The two of us arrived at Walgreens just after 10 and found the birds still
present. Sadly, my partner got no more than a naked-eye look before they
flew off, again in the direction of the Econo Lodge. It was an exact repeat
of my experience first thing this morning. We stayed for 10 minutes without
seeing them return. When the birds flew off the second time, there was a
lot more foot traffic and cars, and while Pine Grosbeaks are famously
docile, they either had too much apple or too many humans coming and going
and decided to head off.

If you're looking to see these birds, parking in the Walgreens parking lot
and staying in your car will be your best shot. Give it some time; they're
likely to come back as long as they're sticking around.

In addition to the grosbeaks, highlights included a single Ruby-crowned
Kinglet and a Turkey Vulture migrating high overhead.

Good birding!

*Chad WitkoBrattleboro, VT*
"I came to believe birds are the most vivid expression of life. It made me
aware of the world in which we live."
Roger Tory Peterson
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