Date: 11/21/20 7:49 am
From: Joel Geier <clearwater...>
Subject: [obol] Pandemic impacts on birding
This statement in yesterday's OBOL digest begs a response:

> The impact of lockdowns and limiting our normal movement will ultimately be way worse than the pandemic itself.

Such a statement could only be made by someone who lives in a state where, fortunately, the governor has taken proactive measures that have been effective to limit the spread of this contagion.

It could only be said by someone who has not lost a friend or family member among the 254,320 Americans who have died so far, and who knows no one among the hundreds of thousands of others who are dealing with lingering effects after surviving the disease.

Surely no one who knows anyone working long shifts in intensive care wards in one of the worst-affected states would say this.

We've been very lucky so far in Oregon, by and large, though there are signs that we're on the leading edge of a wave that will get worse in the next few weeks. Please take a look at what's happening in Iowa, South Dakota, or Wisconsin right now, or in west Texas where they've re-purposed refrigerated semi trailers as morgues. Losing a bit of access to a favored birding spot or missing out on some hypothetical rarity is a very small price to pay, to avoid that scenario here.

Joel Geier
Self-quarantining in the Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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