Date: 11/21/20 7:44 am
From: Tim Shelmerdine <>
Subject: [obol] Livermore Rd (Friday) -- complete
Hello, all.
I apologize for not getting this post out last night. There was a lot
happening along Livermore Rd yesterday (Friday, 11/20). The continuing
GYRFALCON was seen early in the morning plucking at a carcass of a goose.
The location is about 2.6 miles north of Smithfield Rd. Look for a lone
post on the right side, and you will see feathers just a little south. The
bird disappeared, but three of us who stayed late were rewarded by the Gyr
returning to the carcass to feed from 4:30 pm until dark. A SHORT-EARED OWL
was hunting the area on the west side of the road there during this
An AMERICAN TREE SPARROW was seen and well photographed at the small group
of trees on the left side of the road just north, and in the afternoon
spent a lot of time foraging along the sides of the road.
There has been at least one LAPLAND LONGSPUR with the Horned Larks along
the dirt hill on the left side of the road just past the post, so about 2.7
miles up LIvermore from Smithfield Rd.
These birds have been shared by the Mid-Valley WhatsApp group, and
hopefully more people will now be in the know.
Sorry about the double post -- apparently I found a key command to send an
email while typing.
Good birding,

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