Date: 11/20/20 8:47 pm
From: Anne Heyerly <aeheyerly...>
Subject: [obol] Benton/Lane Pelicans
Today at 4:16 Matt Cahill reported 42 American White Pelicans flying over him on Bruce Rd (Finlay Wildlife Refuge). We were below the FernRidge Dam with Ramiro Aragón waiting for the Snowy Egret to fly into the roost along the Long Tom River. At about 4:55 we watched 44 AWPE fly over head and over the dam! We all wondered where they had been north of Fern Ridge. We thought maybe Finlay- but I thought not enough fish! Anybody else see this big flock moving south?
Oh- and yes the SNEG showed up at approx. 4:45!

Anne Heyerly
Eugene, OR
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