Date: 11/20/20 3:28 pm
From: Michael Foster <000006952d7c7776-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] White-winged Crossbills in Bellows Falls
I went to Minards pond in Bellows Falls today looking for waterfowl. There were none, but I saw a large flock of birds at the top of the trees. I could see some were red and others were yellow and assumed they were Pine Grosbeaks as they have been being seen around the state. The birds were quite a distance and backlit so I couldn’t make out details with my binoculars and they didn’t vocalize to give me a hint. I took a bunch of photos and after processing them in Lightroom I realized they were White-winged Crossbills. The flock flew off while I was trying to get closer, so I didn’t see which way they flew. Seems like this is going to be a great year fir irruptive species.

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