Date: 11/20/20 10:07 am
From: Karen <confergoldwing...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] darn turkeys
First of all, I love my turkey coming in to my feeder, BUT
They are large and hungry.
In early fall, a flock of 21 started to come in eating the whole kernel and cracked corn I put on the ground. At first they were wary. If I walked out to the car they took flight banging into branches and going a long distance. So I tried to condition them to my presence. I walked slowly, clucked before coming into their line of sight, and didn't wave arms. Now they usually walk away if I come into their view. So I pour out about 8 quarts of corn sort of in a line and now 29 turkey eat it. It is really neat to see all the heads going like a sewing machine all in a line. So far so good.
Turkeys eat a lot. They eat everything I put out on the first trip. So sparrows, jays, doves don't get anything. OK. I put out another 8 quarts. The turkey walk a short distance and are back eating before I get back in the house. 29 big turkeys can eat many gallons of food. I now have to put feed out three times a day in order for the little ones to get any food. 
Anyone want a few turkeys?
John Confer

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