Date: 11/19/20 2:24 pm
From: Chris Rimmer <crimmer...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Hoary Redpoll in Norwich
I had the good fortune this morning at Pompy Farms Oxbow in Norwich (an
eBird hotspot) to actually get my eyes on a redpoll that I (and now others)
are convinced is a Hoary. There has been a flock of 20-40 birds there
daily--numbers seems to vary from one day to the next--feeding on the heads
of tall weeds in the uncut strip in the northernmost field. They are
flighty and restless, and it's challenging to get prolonged looks at any
individual bird. This morning I was lucky to have good light and a few
minutes where the flock was more or less sedentary. Scanning the birds, I
was struck by one individual that was distinctly more pale than the others,
with a very "frosted" appearance above. I had good looks at it through
binoculars, enabling me to note extensive white on the wings (especially
tips of greater coverts and secondaries), and on its mantle and back. The
flanks and sides were minimally streaked, the rump whitish and unstreaked.
Bill size was challenging to determine, but I did sense that its bill
was smaller and stubbier than the Commons around it (apparently Hoary bills
average only 10% smaller than those of Commons). I was also struck by the
fact that the bird seemed larger overall than the other redpolls nearby.

Thankfully, Kyle Jones and Eleanor Ray appeared in late morning after I
left to confirm the ID, obtaining several photos which Eleanor has posted
on eBird: Here is my photoless

I hope others can find this bird, patient and persistent if you
try. It took Kyle and Eleanor about 2 hours! There must be others around



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