Date: 11/19/20 7:31 am
From: A. Liebner <000000d98121eaef-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Siskins vs goldfinches
Frank and all,
 I’ve had the same experience here in Schuylkill County. The majority of Pine Siskins have moved on so the Goldfinch numbers are back up to where they were earlier.
A small group of Purple Finches remain along with a manageable (no need for an extra 50# bag of black oil!) group of Siskins.
Evening Grosbeaks moved on, but it was a thrill to see so many. It's been years since 35  Evening Grosbeaks showed up here in Wayne Twp.  I don't have my records handy but it was back when Anne & Bob MacClay manned the Hawk Watch at Rte. 183.
I must admit that, although I'm thrilled to see more than a few Pine Siskins & Purple Finches, I'm especially happy to see an increase in Tufted Titmice and Chickadees. I presume the ones that visit the feeders daily are the same families that nested nearby.

There is still hope for Common Redpolls.
Good Birding,
Ann M. Liebner
Wayne Twp. Schuylkill Co.

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On Thursday, November 19, 2020, 9:42 AM, Franklin Haas <fhaasbirds...> wrote:

When my large flock (50+) of Pine Siskins moved in a few weeks ago, they
displaced my goldfinch flock (a couple dozen).

I would only see a couple of goldfinches each day.

Now that the siskin flock has dwindled, the goldfinches are back in numbers.

Has anyone else seen this pattern?


Frank Haas

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