Date: 11/19/20 6:58 am
From: Paul Heveran <birdmeister.paul...>
Subject: Re: Siskins vs goldfinches
Frank and PA Birders,

Flight numbers of goldfinches have skyrocketed in Cape May and other locations, while siskins are much less prevalent. I had 50+ goldfinches fly over my yard a couple mornings ago, with only 1 siskin mixed in.

Based on eBird reports from the Great Lakes, redpolls are coming south in really large numbers. I saw a checklist from yesterday that had almost 1500 Common and 5+ Hoary Redpolls!

Good birding,
Paul Heveran

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On Nov 19, 2020, 9:42 AM, at 9:42 AM, Franklin Haas <fhaasbirds...> wrote:
>When my large flock (50+) of Pine Siskins moved in a few weeks ago,
>displaced my goldfinch flock (a couple dozen).
>I would only see a couple of goldfinches each day.
>Now that the siskin flock has dwindled, the goldfinches are back in
>Has anyone else seen this pattern?
>Frank Haas
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