Date: 11/19/20 5:14 am
From: Zacheriah Cota-Weaver <zac...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Rare avian event?

What a phenomenal sight! Right place, right time. I went to check on high
counts for Sandhill Crane in Vermont (guessing this is one of the highest),
but eBird still isn't fully functional after the reboot. I was able to find
a report of a flock of 57 Sandhill Cranes just north of Montreal back on 25
September. Perhaps this is your flock, eh?


On Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 7:49 AM Paul Wieczoreck <mgcpw...> wrote:

> Yesterday while working outside in Burlington I was fortunate enough to
> observe what has to be a rare avian event in the Green Mt State. Taking a
> momentary pause from the noisy project I was working on, I removed my
> hearing protection and was a bit bewildered when I heard a series of
> distant guttural rattles from above me. I looked up and was amazed to see
> a large flock of Sand Hill Cranes passing south over the Queen City! I
> quickly ran to my car where my spotting scope was actually ready and was
> able to get on them. At one point they turned direction and started back
> towards the north, affording better looks at the contrasting dark and light
> wing pattern, long necks and trailing legs. I could also faintly pick up
> some red on the heads of some of the birds when the light was just right. I
> was able to make several counts before they faded into the distance and
> estimate a total of 60 birds. Truly a beautiful site and so unexpected! I
> would be curious if anyone else has spotted this flock, and how likely it
> is to see Sand Hill Cranes migrating through Vt in these numbers.
> Paul Wieczoreck
> Hinesburg

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