Date: 11/18/20 4:51 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Saw Whet Owl in Rockefeller Center tree, Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers - Cumberland County
We are still seeing yellow bellied sapsuckers. What appeared to be 2
adult females were in the locust tree this week. Did not see the red
breasted nuthatch this week, but we've had regular visits at the suet
dough feeder for several weeks prior. He/she/they travel back and forth
from the Norway Spruce and the arborvitae.

Just saw the article on the Saw Whet Owl they rescued from the tree when
it was put up in Rockefeller Center. It apparently went 3 days without
food but appears to be doing fine at the rescue. I seem to recall
someone found (I think) a screech owl in their Christmas tree last year
or the year before. I'm assuming the owls must just stay in place
thinking they won't be discovered and before they know it the tree is
bundled up and the owl is trapped in the middle. I think the other owl
was rescued and was ok as well.

Cumberland County, PA
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