Date: 11/18/20 4:36 pm
From: DAVID KOCH <0000012d74227426-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Pipits, etc., Koch property, Northampton County
There was a small flock, only 6 or 7, of American pipits in an alfalfa/timothy field next to the house this morning. I seldom get them, so they were nice to see. The cold windy weather has purple finches once again appearing at the feeders but I believe all of the siskins that were here have moved on. I could, of course, be wrong. Chickadees and titmice are constant at all the feeders.  The chickadees all look like black-capped's with big white wingbar markings, but I know better than to say that definitively. Other species here today other than the normal white-breasted nuthatches, goldfinches, and various woodpeckers included fox, white-crowned, white-throated, Savannah, field, swamp, and song sparrows and a ruby-crowned kinglet. I didn't see them today but there's been a flock of 10 or more eastern bluebirds around the fields and yard. An occasional sharpie and/or  Cooper's strafes the  feeding areas but usually goes away empty handed. A few days ago two immature northern harriers were working the bottom fields at the same time. And, for the record, I haven't had any evening grosbeaks but congrats to all who have seen them. Currently I'm constantly checking the birches in the yard hoping to see redpolls on the catkins. 
Arlene Koch Easton, PA Northampton County <davilene...>
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