Date: 11/18/20 6:48 am
From: Bob Archer <rabican1...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Swan ID

I was going to mention neck but that is a harder point to see, but yes
Tundra have shorter necks which this bird seems to show. Another point I
was going to show is the shape of the base of the bill. It is hard for me
to see on distant swans, certainly on swans that are distant and moving,
however Trumpeter have a straight edge on base of bill, Tundra is concave.
So try drawing a mental line from the eye to the point where the bill hits
the chin. Now walk along this line, on a Trumpeter you will generally walk
parallel to the bill base, right along its edge. On a Tundra you will
start out at eye and bill point, you will cross feathers and the distance
to the bill will increase and then it will return as you cross the
concave part. So this bill certainly looks like a Tundra to me, thus I
assumed it was attached to a Tundra Swan :).

Bob Archer

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 10:45 PM Matt Cahill <matt.c.cahill...>

> I also thought the swan was a tundra swan. Two other points I wonder if
> people agree with?
> I had a gestalt impression of a straight neck instead of a longer, curvier
> neck than with a trumpeter. Also, it being mid November, this bird already
> looks like it is showing more white which is on schedule for a young tundra
> but too early for young trumpeters which don’t lighten up until spring I
> believe.
> I also looked at forehead patterns and it seems young tundra swans in
> particular defy the typical forehead profiles quite a bit. Lots of young
> tundras with deeply pointed foreheads.
> Tricky ID for sure.
> Matt Cahill
> Bend

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