Date: 11/17/20 9:13 pm
From: Barbara Dolan <barbarabird.dolan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Winter raptor surveys
You are amazing. Thanks for posting. I do not know if you saw but we had
Burrowing Owl at the BlueBerry Rd.coming in from Abramson. Very nice and
pic I could send on my phone. I suggested birders stay in their vehicle. I
did not know but Corvallis said, it was there last year. Always a nice bird
to see in the Halsey area. I think the most unusual one I saw on a WFO
Field Trip in the California Kings Range in 2016 in manzanita and chaparral
at 2000'.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 10:55 AM Jeff Fleischer <dmarc-noreply...>

> Hi everyone,
> Thought I would offer results from the first two surveys for the East
> Cascade Audubon Society’s Winter Raptor Survey Project that I do here in
> Linn County. This is our 17th season with the project and actually my
> 20th year doing my Linn County surveys. The area that I covered this
> weekend is bounded on the north by Hwy 34, to the west by the Willamette
> River, to the east by the Cascade foothills, and to the south by Hwy
> 228/American Drive that goes from Brownsville west through Halsey on to
> Peoria Rd.
> It was a lucrative day despite off and on intermittent rains and some
> winds to 10 mph, temps ranged in the mid 40s. It was basically ideal
> weather for doing surveys. Here is what I found in that area:
> 223 Red-tailed Hawks
> 118 American Kestrels
> 69 Northern Harriers
> 61 Bald Eagles
> 12 Rough-legged Hawks
> 4 Prairie Falcons
> 1 Ferruginous Hawk
> 1 Burrowing Owl
> 489 birds on 153 miles of transects, the best collective total since the
> winter of 2014-15 when I averaged almost 600 birds for the winter in this
> area.
> The Ferruginous Hawk continued in the Potter Rd area but I actually found
> it sitting in a field north of Abraham Rd where it connects with Blueberry
> Rd. I have found FEHA on two other routes in Linn County in past years,
> this was the first one for this route :)
> The Prairie Falcons were found south of Green Valley Rd west of Davis Rd,
> on Potter Rd south of the railroad tracks and east of the road in the
> plowed dirt field that will probably support filbert trees in the future,
> south of Linn West Rd between Hwy 99 and the bridge a mile or so east (this
> bird was enjoying an aerial conversation with a NOHA), and south of Seven
> Mile Ln about half a mile west of where it connects with Harrison Rd.
> There were some distinct concentration areas for RTHAs. I found 22 in a
> field west of Oakville Rd and north of Tangent Dr, 14 in the fields east of
> Country Rd/south of Seward Dr/west of McLagan Rd, 14 in a field north of
> Fayetteville Rd about a mile west of Shedd, 9 in the general area where
> dozens were reported a week or so ago along American Drive and Smith Rds, 9
> more in a field along Creek Bend Dr east of the railroad tracks, 10 in
> fields off of Parker Rd between Tangent Dr and Glaser Rd, 9 in the same
> field as the PRFA found along Seven Mile Ln, and of course more in
> scattered locations throughout the area. I was encouraged by the large
> number of RTHAs, this was the 10th time out of 60 surveys that I have done
> over the last 17 years in this area where numbers exceeded 200 in this
> area. I had 220 in January 2019 but then you have to go back to the winter
> of 2014-15 to get these kinds of numbers.
> American Kestrels were on par with numbers from last winter. NOHAs enjoyed
> a huge rebound from the last 4 winters when I witnessed a slow steady
> decline from what was found during winters of 2013-14 and 2014-15 when
> numbers ranged in the 70s and 80s. I was glad to see the uptick!
> Bald Eagle numbers were low but that was to be expected, we don’t get into
> the hundreds of birds until January through March. There was also a
> noticeable lack of sheep throughout the area which will gradually increase
> as more are brought into the valley during lambing season in January and
> February.
> The RLHAs were scattered throughout the area, 8 of the 12 were east of I-5
> between Blatchford Rd off of Tangent Dr down to Morgan Rd adjacent to Ward
> Butte. I love watching them hover hunt for their prey!
> All in all a great two days in the field, looking forward to seeing what
> is on my other routes this month, will let you know what I find :)
> Jeff Fleischer
> Eugene, OR
> Project Coordinator
> Winter Raptor Survey Project
> East Cascades Audubon Society - Bend, OR
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