Date: 11/17/20 5:36 pm
From: <rubatan...>
Subject: [obol] Oregon birding recommendations?
A little relieved that Portland Thanksgiving plans have been cancelled
(we'd only agreed to the plans to prevent more at-risk family members from
attending larger gatherings), I find myself in the unlucky position of
still needing to make the trip from San Francisco to Portland to pick up
some things and all the time in the world to do it alone, avoiding human
contact along the way.

*Does anyone have suggestions for late fall/early winter birding in Oregon
& Northern California? *I was able to find great seasonal
recommendations through East Cascades Audubon
<> in each county, but I have ~a
week~ and the freedom to go ANYWHERE. I need advice narrowing it down
(eBird is down for maintenance). The more remote (and unpeopled) the

Last Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to go through Tule Lake & Lower
Klamath NWR where I saw more buteos than I have ever seen, at one point it
was one on every other telephone pole, of *all* morphs. I think I'll stop
through, car-camping, on the way up, again. It can be *anywhere*, I've got
legs to hike on or an inflatable boat to paddle in on, and time; and
satisfied to just ID a variety of sparrows or even gulls.
Any recommendations to get started would be appreciated.

With gratitude,

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