Date: 11/17/20 11:13 am
From: Denise Donmoyer <nightowl57...>
Subject: Sweet Arrow Lake, Schuylkill Co.
Sweet Arrow Lake 11/17/20

1 Evening Grosbeak ( first I've ever seen!)

2 Great Horned Owls

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Golden-crowned Kinglets

Seems to be a larger number of Chickadees right now than I've seen in a
number of years.

Thanks to all who made suggestions about binocular repair. I was using
"binocular" as a generic term. It was actually a scope that fell onto
concrete and the zoom wasn't working but after looking around on the
internet, I took apart the eyepiece and fiddled around with it myself and,
right now, it's working. If that changes I will contact the manufacturer.

Denise Donmoyer

Sweet Arrow Lake

Pine Grove, Schuylkill Co.


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