Date: 11/17/20 7:18 am
From: HARVEY W SCHUBOTHE <ninerharv2...>
Subject: [obol] Coquille Valley CBC - Saturday January 2nd
We will be conducting our Coquille Valley CBC (Bandon to Coquille) much the same way. We have our traditional sections and birders and couples who have covered them in the past. We also will use Zoom for the countdown and had not thought about doing it the following evening. That makes sense as people will not be pressured to scramble getting their numbers together quickly but rather can get safely home without much driving in the dark.

It will be a different experience and we will miss the comradery with fellow birders over a hot meal sharing our stories and discoveries after a full day in the field. And we may not get out to refind rarities the next day. But we can have a safe and successful CBC.

Harv Schubothe

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Subject: [obol] Yaquina Bay CBC - Sunday December 27th

Because we can conduct this count with local birders or non-local birders that can do the count via a day trip, Lars and I feel we can do this safely. We are going to divide the circle into smaller sections that can be effectively birded by either one person or a birding couple. There will be no sharing of rides required, no birding in a group and no in-person countdown. We'll do the countdown via Zoom on the following evening so that people aren't pressured to get home and get their numbers together quickly. Yes, it'll be a different experience but I think we can do it safely and successfully.

Also, if any compiler is doing a count this year and wants your circle divided digitally and uploaded to an ArcGIS WebApp, I could probably help you with that, given enough time of course.

Here's our draft map for the Yaquina Bay CBC:<>

Steve Holzman
South Beach, OR

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