Date: 11/16/20 8:54 pm
From: marciafcutler <marciafcutler...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Corvallis CBC also cancelled
The Corvallis CBC was cancelled for several reasons, Covid is just one. The other is that last year was my last year as compiler, and no one has stepped up to take on the count. Fred Ramsey is willing to run an informal count this year only. His message to locals is copied below.

Marcia F. Cutler


To all who may have interest in the Corvallis Christmas Bird Count:

ASC’s Board recently discussed the CBC and decided on not conducting it this year. If anyone acquired the virus during such an event, it would certainly reflect poorly on the organization. So, the 2020 Corvallis CBC is off.

What about the continuity of CBC records and their scientific value? The national organization has weighed in the matter (naturally). Apparently their statisticians opine that not having any results at all is easier than trying to figure out how to adjust 2020 results for the pandemic effects. They state:

There will be little to no impact on the scientific value of the Christmas Bird Count by missing or altering one count season. So again, we urge you to prioritize your safety and the safety of others when making your decision.


However, assuming that Oregon is not in total lockdown, you may want to individually get out to look for birds in our area on or around Tuesday, 12/22, our usual CBC date. (You might even choose the day during “count week” that promises the best weather.) If so, there is a data entry form attached below. If you fill it in as usual and email it back to me, I will make a summary for ASC records. (Not sent to National.) Or, you could print the form, fill it in, and mail it to me at 3550 NW Glen Ridge Place, Corvallis, 97330. If you would like to have me send you a map of our count circle so that you could record where you birded, let me know.

Now, in case you are thinking that I am taking over the job of count compiler, forget it. Not me. I’ve had my turn at it. But someone needs to step up for 2021 and beyond, to continue the remarkable legacy that Marcia Cutler has left.

Marcia has been our compiler for many long years. She merits a huge gift of thanks, and our best wishes for a happy and birdy retirement. !!!

Fred Ramsey

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