Date: 11/16/20 2:44 pm
From: Joel Geier <clearwater...>
Subject: [obol] Re: cbc ideas

Jeff and all,

The decision whether or not to cancel individual CBCs is the responsibility of the compilers (and in some cases, the sponsoring organizations such as local Audubons). I trust that the people responsible for each count are taking careful consideration of the local circumstances.

I shared my reasons for cancelling the Antone CBC, primarily the risk of outside participants bringing the virus to remote rural communities with limited medical resources. Hart Mountain has similarly been canceled because of risk to USFWS staff who live and work in remote locations.

Other counts that rely mainly on local participants will be going ahead (for example, Cottage Grove, Burns, John Day, and Silverton) though with precautions to limit the risk, following the guidance from National Audubon. These precautions were publicized widely last month, in a message from National Audubon to all compilers. Perhaps you missed them, but the guidelines do follow common sense and public health guidelines, very much in line with your suggestions here (limiting teams to members of a single households, avoiding in-person compilation meetings, etc.).

So again, please understand that Oregon's local CBC compilers are all approaching this with a view toward sensible precautions, and considering the particular situation for their counts. I will also ask you and others, who are not in positions of responsibility, to please respect and support their carefully considered decisions. No one is eager to cancel these counts that we all look forward to.

All the best,


Joel Geier

Regional CBC editor for Oregon & Nevada

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